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Rules & Guidelines


Bridges made of only balsa and glue are designed and constructed by teams of three to four students. The bridge must meet certain weight and dimension requirements which are described in detail in the Rules. One of the most important things about this project is to learn the engineering team approach to solving problems. Working, as engineers do, in a team, will result in generating ideas and improving on your first thoughts and ideas in producing the finest bridge you can.

These bridges must be "free standing" and have a total mass of the bridge, including glue, no more than 110 grams.

The overall winner will be the team with most points. Each team will be judged upon the following criteria: 

  • Craftsmanship: 0 to 10 points 
  • Originality: 0 to 10 points 
  • Design Drawing: 0 to 10 points 
  • Load Capacity: 30 to 70 points

In case two teams reach the same load capacity, the efficiency of the bridge is calculated by dividing the maximum load that the bridge supported by the original weight of the bridge. The team with the highest efficiency will be declared the winner.

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