Q: Where do I register​ my teams?

A: By registering your teams on the Registration page. You will need to register before picking up your materials.

Q: How many teams am I allowed to register?

A: You are allowed to register up to 4 teams with each team have 3 to 4 members.

Q: I have yet determined the students that will participate, can I still register and pick-up materials.

A: Yes. Be sure hit "Edit Your Response" and save the URL in your address bar so you are able to change their names later.

Q: Can home-schoolers enter the competition?

A: Yes. However, there still needs to be three to four students/children per team at middle/high school equivalence.

Material Pick-Up

Q: I just registered my teams. When can I pick up the materials?

A: Please fill out the registration form, and someone will contact you to arrange a pickup time at this location: 

Engineering 2 Building, ENB Hall of Flags (aka Fishbowl)
4202 E Fowler Ave,

Tampa, FL 33620


Q: What is in the Material Pack?

A: The list is located in the Rules in Materials part of the Bridge Requirement section (Section 4-1). Downloadable Rules can be located on the Registration page.


Q: Is it okay for me to pickup materials for a neighboring school?

A: Yes, but we just need an email from the other school letting us know.


Q: Where and when can I register for the Workshop?

A: This year we have changed it up a bit and you can watch instructional videos of what would normally be at a Workshop on our Workshop page. This way you can watch them anywhere at anytime.

Expo & Competition Day

Q: What is the location of the Competition?

A: Information about the location can be found on the Location page.


Q: What is the date of the competition?

A: This year, it will be on February 10, 2024.


Q: Is there a fee to enter the Engineering Expo?

A: No, but you may have to pay for parking.


Q: Does all of the team members have to be present during the competition?

A: No. Only one team member needs to be present, but it would be nice for them to participate in breaking something they worked to make.


Q: One of my students may not be able to stay the whole length of the competition, will they be able to take part?

A: The order in how we break the bridges are first come. So if you sign in early you just might. However the middle schools goes before the high schools.


Q: Does the bridge has to be marked for identification prior to signing in?

A: No, we'd prefer that the bridges remain unmarked. We have a way of identifying each bridge.


Q: Can the students wear their school uniforms?

A: Sure.

If your question is not here, let us know by contacting us on our Contact Us page.